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3 month old

My 3 month old son usually sleeps from 9-10pm to 5-6am. Should I pump at night to maintain my milk supply? I used to set an alarm and wake up at 2am to pump, but I noticed that alarm and me moving around wakes the baby up. What other moms do in that kind of situation?

  • Kieli
    Nov 27, 2018

    Wow I wish my daughter did that even now! lol. My daughter woke up to eat, so I can’t tell you what I did but when my supply got low during the day I started drinking mothers milk tea before bed and as soon as I woke up. The cup I had before bed would fill me up, I’d wake up and need to pump right away. So if you don’t want to pump in the night, maybe you can try having a cup of Mother’s milk tea before bed and see how you feel when you wake up?

  • Sarah
    Nov 27, 2018

    Have you tired having your son dream feed at 2am? I personally love dream feeding cause they eat and don’t open their eyes and you don’t have to pump.

  • Kendall
    Nov 27, 2018

    I never woke up to pump, my boobs adjusted accordingly and I stopped producing at night :)

  • Amanda
    Nov 27, 2018

    My boobs would wake me up. I got to where I would pump late 11-12pm and then pumped early 4-5. And then slowly stopped.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 27, 2018

    I would try dream feeding, but based on my experience they often only sleep through the night for a few days and then wake up to nurse again. I always worried about pumping but never did ( was too tired and lazy) and I always seemed to have milk when they needed it.

  • Brandi
    Nov 27, 2018

    No don't get up to pump, your milk will adjust to the needs of your baby.