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3-year old alternates btw bed and floor for sleep

We took the front off of our three-year-old's crib a couple months ago and since then she often decides to sleep on her floor or the small loveseat in her room. Last night she wanted to sleep on the floor just outside of her room. There's plush carpet and we make sure she has blankets and a sweater, so I think the floor is pretty comfortable for her. Just wondering if any other kids do this when they transition from being trapped in a crib.

  • PK
    Feb 22

    My friend’s son did that when they transitioned. He eventually went back and stayed in bed. I don’t remember how long she said it took though before he decided to stay sleeping in his bed.

  • Donelle
    Feb 24

    It’s totally find but once she starts coming to your room you got to watch.

  • Latoya
    Mar 01

    My 2yo sleeps on the floor all the time. It's fine. Wherever she's comfortable I leave her. She doesn't mind the bed but prefers the floor.

  • Christin
    Mar 05

    I would check on my 2 yo in the middle of the night to find him with his blanket asleep on the floor. When I would go to wake him in the morning he would be back in his bed. I guess they just like to switch it up from time to time.

  • Chanda

    My daughter suddenly stopped sleeping in her toddler bed just days after the transition. Every night we set up a comfy spot on the floor. Around 3.5 we started moving her to a different room with a regular bed (plus toddler rails).