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3 year old sleeping alone

Looking for any recommendations on helping a child sleep through the night!! My boyfriend’s daughter is 3 years old and will not sleep through the night, ever! Getting her to go to sleep in her own room isn’t really a problem but she will not stay asleep for longer than maybe an hour or two if someone is not in there with her. As a baby both parents would co-sleep because of circumstances and now everyone is stressed out from the results. We’ve tried letting her cry it out, calming her down and leaving, sitting in the room until she falls asleep, etc. She doesn’t give up until someone is in bed and stays in bed with her. Not sure where to go from here but would love a good nights sleep without her father having to sleep in there with her 😕

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    At that age, I’d start on a Friday night and let her cry it out. It’ll be rough few nights.