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3 yr old scared at night

How do you deal with a child at night that says he is scared, faking crying, and delaying bed time by 30-40 mins? Need help. My husband and I don’t agree on the right plan of action to deal with these behaviors. I say to leave it alone and don’t go in at all after reading and saying goodnight. He thinks to go in multiple times and try to console him until he falls asleep. Any advice?

  • Ceecie
    Jun 15

    I think if you put both ideas together, you might have better results. Stick to your normal bedtime routine, and set a timer...7 minutes first “check in,” 14 minutes... 21 minutes. ( should be asleep by now, btw). Check-in should just be a quick re-tuck, hug and kiss, reassurance. Good luck

  • B
    Jun 15

    Do you have a night light?

  • Yomaris
    Jun 15

    I think Ceecie is right, both ideas together may work! Comforting him when he's scared is a way to show him he is safe because his parents are there. This helps a child to grow confident and secure. But I think prayer over him and his room will help too! Children are vulnerable and sensitive. Us parents can protect them in all areas and aspects.

  • Bree
    Jun 15

    Thank you everyone for the advice. We did try that technique tonight as it was a routine night for him unfortunately. He does have a night light, he has two actually. We didn’t even have to reach the 7 mins mark thankfully. It was hard for my husband to wait that long but I made him promise. I also pray every night with my son. Thanks again everyone!