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3 yr old starting to hit


My 3 year old has started hitting when she is angry and doesn’t get her own way. Her daycare teacher has also mentioned to me that she hits other kids when she gets upset as well. My spouse and I have never hit her so I’m just flabbergasted at this new action we are seeing. Is this a phase or did we do something wrong? Any tips on how to deal with this new problem?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 30

    Most likely she picked it up from other kids at daycare. My son stays home with me and is starting to hit too... we have been around a lot of other toddlers his age lately because of the classes we are taking. The kids have hit him and now after 6 months in the classes he is starting to hit too. We don’t hit at home either. Don’t have any great tips as we are in the same situation. I try holding his hands together so he can’t hit until he calms down. I’ll say “it’s ok to be angry but it’s not ok to hit.” No progress so far 😕