Reply to Any single parents out there going through the dilemma ??

I’m not necessarily going through a separation with my husband. But i do wanna make life changes for myself, I feel like I lost myself. I find it very hard to find myself again because I don’t really receive help. My husband works long hours. And family doesn’t really help. I want to get fit and work on my health and gain hobbies and other things that could identify me. Not only as wife and mom but as something else to. But it’s really hard when trying to balance everything else. I started recently joining mom groups and finding a ring of moms that are willing to exchange babysitting with babysitting. So I might not be able do stuff for myself every week or day. But I can go out once a week or just take some time. So that’s what I recommend is get some mom friends that are willing to swap with you. I still struggle but this helps. Another thing is start slowly. I started switching our diet. Then while I was changing eating habits, I found a mom who works out in the mornings so I take her two then she takes mine while I work out. After I started working out I then started to find hidden talents. Also I found not expecting everything to happen at once to help. All my ideas of what I wanted to do and be felt like they had to happen now. Set small goals. I found this is helping me fund things like my crochet and silk lessons. Because I’m not trying to afford a whole bunch at once. I shoot for things that don’t really require money. Then I’ll put a dollar or two aside and when I can afford it i plan on taking a silk class. I hope this helps some. Just remember small steps will help create bigger ones.