Reply to Sleep training 13mo

Molars are a nightmare. It will pass. I’m no expert, are any of us? My son, 4, still needs us to sit with him as he falls asleep and wakes at night up to 3x’s a week. But, I also have twin 21 mth old twin girls that have been sleeping 11-12 hrs through since 12 mths, unless they are teething. So, I understand when people say be careful not to spoil, but I also understand that every baby is different. She may just need you right now. Do what is best for all of you. My girls still wake up sometimes, it’s usually due to being overtired. Make sure she is getting 2 day naps and if it doesn’t add up to about 4 hrs, put her to bed no longer than about 3 hrs after last nap. It will change around 15-18 mths. A great resource for sleep is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Wishes of sleep....😴