Reply to Two year old not talking

My son is three and he’s talking more now but not where he should be. I contacted s.a.m.s they are in reading. They deal with speech and much more. They also get you in contact with bciu and will diagnose your child. Like if he has adhd or autism. Then they will come to your house and give him the help he needs. My son dose the same thing and he is in speech and occupational therapy and it’s helping. He’s talking more and learning more. Best thing I did for my son. Also because we let him get what food he wants out of the pantry he isn’t using his words. They told us to make his say it. Example: he points to the light switch on the wall. Do not turn it on. Say light and point to it and say light three time then turn it on. If he wants gummy’s make him point to them and you say you want gummys? When he gets excited say gummy and show him do it three times then give them to him. If you do it more than three times I was told it just annoyes them after that. I hope this is helpful for you.