Reply to HELP! 8-yr-old stealing habits

I also agree with the first anon. The repercussions for stealing should be strong and steady. I have a family member in his early 20s who steals and we all refer to him as, “the thief” and he’s basically been ostracized from our family after years and years of us forgiving and trying to forget. No one likes a thief. I honestly don’t even think my thieving family member likes other thieves. Lol. It’s serious though, if breaks trust and ruins relationships forever. Talk to your son about reputation and how it’s so hard to recover from a bad reputation. My uncle, who is a police officer, told me once that in his line of work he sees how it takes almost a hundred correct actions to make up for one bad one. Meaning, repeat offenders or even one time offenders gain a reputation that’s impossible to recover from without years of hard work. Your son needs to learn how to be a productive member of society and stealing isn’t the way.