Reply to I don’t trust my boyfriend’s family to help with my son when he’s born.
May DeLosh
check_circleChild Care Provider

I run a daycare/preschool for more than 12 years. Researches have found that most accidents happen at home. It is so true! From the 12 years of my professional career, 2 children broke their arm bones and one boy's face got burned by a light bulb when he climbed onto a table and somehow was able to grab the hot light bulb and placed it on his face. Those accidents all happened at their HOMES. Their parents are all very loving people, but not trained professionally for taking care of babies. I think that your boyfriend has a loving family. That's the reason he thinks his family is perfect. But, you are right, they are not capable to take a good care of your baby. Always trust your gut! Good luck :-)