Reply to Don’t feel as bonded to second baby

With my first I didn’t feel bonded for the longest time! I’ve always wanted to be a mom and thought it would come so much more natural than it did... but it took time. I think for me it was more just transitioning into being a mom and the entire mindset. But once I got it, I had it immediately for my second born. Immediately bonded in a way I didn’t with my first. Again may have just been now I know how to be a mom. Buuut with my second as much as I love him, the bond with my daughter is sooo strong and with my son it’s just not that strong yet. We had our daughter only for a year and a half so it was such a strong bond and with our second there isn’t really that alone time with him. I try to have alone time with each of them when possible and that has helped. I’m sure with time the bond will grow stronger.