Reply to Teen self confidence

Yoga, surfing, good food! Teaching him to go inward. Finding his breath and first his connection to himself. Then when he steps out to go to school, he isn't concerned about how his 'friends' will treat him. He will become open and receptive to a new vibration and attract the kind of people who are good natured and great to him. Through this He will learn how to make himself feel good so he can recognize when he's around energy that isn't he can step away and choose not to engage with that. If he doesn't find the good energy he's looking for around him he can begin to see the light within him and choose to positively spread it to his community. We are currently also blessed to be living in the digital age. He can start a YouTube channel. Sharing his interests, stories, experiences with the world. He can form a community there. He can film anytime people try to bully him. Put it online. Create a peace list. Come to the nice side. It's time to inspire change and show all beings a kinder way of life. We cannot hide from them from fear. Shine your light. Hope he is doing well now and has found his confidence. All growth takes time so no rush, all love and positivity!