Reply to Helping a SAHD

Hmm tough one.. speaking from a male perspective I agree totally schedules and routines are important. I don’t think Dads lack of scheduling is a disregard for the need but rather another point to consider is just how difficult being a stay at home dad/mom can be. Sounds like you are placing unrealistic expectations on papa bear almost like he should measure up to your mom but men just are wired that way. The nurturing for example when younger doesn’t come natural to us. I remember having to act my way through it until my daughters personality kicked in. Just remember “like she was before” could mean before yesterdays growth spurt or before yesterday’s molar decided they wanted to kick in .. or before Miss Personality decided to skip meal because welp that’s just her mood today. Go easy on Dad. All that said here’s a suggestion. Ask him to be on night duty ever so often.