Reply to My daughter is 3 and no is her word of choice these days

My son is 3, we have started talking about respect and what it means to be respectful. His favorite thing to do is yell when he's frustrated, so we talk a lot about how it's not okay. But I also talk a lot about when it is and isn't okay to say No. He is potty trained, and sometimes in daycare they tell him to go potty, but he does t want to, so I tell him if he doesn't want to do something to say "no thank you". NO is usually one of the first words kids learn the meaning of because adults are constantly saying it to them. So she's probably known how to use that word since she was 1, now at 3 she knows it's going to get her what she wants because you and your partner are letting her get away with it. Kids learn by their parents example. So make sure you tell her what you expect from her, what she can say instead of no, and when it is and isn't okay for her to be the decision maker.