Reply to Amsterdam with a nearly 3 year old?

I think it really depends on the child. Is your child okay with being woken up in the middle of nap or have somewhat irregular sleep schedule? Does he/she sit still in a car/plane for longer periods of time with entertainment? Is your child a picky eater or willing to try new foods? All of these little things can determine whether the trip will be fun and exciting, or miserable and not worth it. My daughter is 4.5 years old and we have been to Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Belize, Jordan, Lebanon and soon Japan with her. There are certainly compromises that my husband and I have to make in order to make it work with a toddler. But we will continue to take her everywhere. Even though she doesn't remember every detail of every trip, but once in a while, she will bring up memories she has from a trip and that makes it all worthwhile. Also it does get easier as the child starts getting used to the rhythm of traveling and knows what to expect. Happy traveling!