Reply to How do you maintain a relationship with a SO that leaves you

My daughter's father blocked my phone, email, and all social media after realizing I would not abort our daughter. He abandoned her the first year of her life Its infuriating and he disgusts me, but a week before her first birthday he contacted me. He lives in another state and cant afford a hotel so when he visits he stays in my house. Its uncomfortable for me but I make the sacrifice for my daughter. That being said, I 100% regret offering him a place to stay. My home should be the one place I am 100% comfortable and his visits take that away. He's done absolutely nothing to deserve that, but it's hard to take back something you've already given permission to. That being said, your husband made a commitment to marry you and have a child. If he's realized that it's not what he wants, that's on him. You are under no obligation to let him into your home for visits because he chose to live somewhere only adults can venture, especially when you are still coping. Swallowing your feeling for the sake of a child is sometimes necessary, but in this case I think you need to stand your ground. You can offer up suggestions on playgrounds or museums/play spaces they can go to, but you're not obligated to do anything