Reply to Husband wants me to lose weight

Depending on how mentally strong you are, ask him outright: ‘Are you ashamed of my body?’ As the normal response goes he would say ‘No, I love you how you are..blah blah blah.’ because I’ve never met a guy that is 100% honest about it. But read his reaction. And tell him that you are know that you’re not in the best shape - geez, I’m reminded everyday. But I’m proud of my body that brought your 2 children in this world. Honestly, I was expecting you to say your kids were older, but 8m?! Your body is still recovering. He needs to give you a break. Or how about some motivation and get his butt in shape first?! This may also be him deflecting his self-consciousness on to you. Instead of saying ‘I’ he says ‘You’ or ‘We’ so he is not singled out and gets insecure. There’s lots of ways to approach this, you just have to figure out what you want in the end though. Sure this situation sucks but you both will continue to deal with it until you agree on what you guys want to happen and make the necessary steps towards that result.