Reply to Should I teach my daughter to fight back?

You should explain to her that nobody (not just men or boys., but other females too) has the right to touch her in any manner that she does not want to be touched. Teach her boundaries and respect of other people's bodies and tell her it's ok to fight against anyone who tries to persist in violating her boundaries afyer she has clearly said no. There should be no need to bring up Stormy Daniels because that wasn't about sexual assault. In regards to Bill Cosby I think its important to teach our kids to be aware of their surroundings, and when they're older teach them about how to be mindful of things like never accepting an open drink or never leaving their drink unattended. Also teach them to report anyone immediately if they do try to hurt them or violate them. Tell them you will believe them and keep them safe. Also teach them that they are never to be dishonest about saying somebody did something.