Reply to Nearing my due date; what goes on after baby is delivered?

So my daughter had her first bowl movement before she entered the world. So after she was born they had to cut the umbilical cord right away and clear her mouth and nose. Since they took her away already they weighed her, got her height and cleaned the rest of her up as well. Then they gave her to me, and told me to start breastfeeding if that’s what I wanted. So I did. And she was born at 9:44 pm. So she feed while on my chest for about 2 hours while I got stitched up, then dad got to hold her for an hour then they wheeled me up to my postpartum room, which was midnight by then. Then they came and checked on me every 15 mins to see how the bleeding was going, and they made sure I was going pee frequently enough. After I was okay, and the baby was named we were left alone and I couldn’t get anyone to help me. Nobody came to help me with breastfeeding, nobody wanted to come help me when I had a question. So I was ready to leave and actually left a day early. My daughter had fluid build up in her kidney while I was pregnant, so before she was released they performed an ultrasound on her kidney to ensure she was okay. Then a few days later she went to her first dr appointment