Reply to Morning sickness and advice?

I had my first two 17 months apart. I honestly don’t think there is much you can do to “prepare” baby 1, except to transition them ahead of time out of things like the pack n play or car seat so they don’t feel like baby stole it. I had some rough morning sickness as well, and I did a lot of laying around while reading books, laying on the floor playing blocks or just letting him climb on me and I committed myself to napping when he did a certain amount of days a week. Even though I hated naps. Otherwise I became an impatient monster. My morning sickness also was slightly better when I was more rested. As far as 2 under 2, there are many tricks. Baby wearing is well known, and when feeding baby try to sit on the floor or where the older one can join you to read a book or you can use one hand to stack blocks or color or whatever. Finally try to set aside at least 30 minutes a day that when baby is sleeping and you want to frantically get stuff done, you dedicate to your older child. It will help keep you connected. I just had baby 4, so I have 4 under 5 right now, two of which are under 2, so I’m attempting to practice what I’m preaching now, but I now have the advantage of the older kids having playmates. My focused time with them is usually tv, snuggle and I squeeze a 20 minute power nap in piled under 3 kids. :)