Reply to Venting

It sounds like your friend may be right. And it sounds like what upsets you is really that you fear she might be right. - Having no friends is not a defining hallmark of an introvert. Introverts make the best friends. - Having no friends is not a sign of a succesful adult life. It sounds like you lost track of balance and your own self, your own interests, hobbies, and needs somewhere aling the way. The reason why your friend is flagging may be because she in fact cares about you deeply. Who knows, she may be wrong, she may be right,maybe her delivery wasn't perfect... And it's good for you to vent... but the best friends are those willing to risk a negative reaction/getting snapped at/yelled at/etc in order to do right by someone else, watch out for someone else. Sounds like you've got a good best friend there, watching your back.