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4 weeks late

Currently 4 weeks late for my menstrual. I’ve had light cramping since a few days before i was due... I’ve taken SIX hpt’s and they’re all negative. Had light pink discharge today when i wiped... Other than that i’ve been experiencing a ton of nausea, sleeping ALLLLLL day, swollen feet, super gassy, and i have that “full” feeling....?????

  • Kieli
    Jun 28

    With my first pregnancy the only sign that I had for 2 months was my missed periods. Then all of a sudden I was sick for a whole weekend, and I never get the stomach bug. So my husband and I got a test. With my second, I knew before my period was missed because I had implantation cramping. I never cramp before or during my period. If you feel you are pregnant make an appointment to see your OB, or go to a clinic. With my first I didn’t have health care established, so to ensure I was truly pregnant and to have the results to apply for Medicare I went to planned parenthood to get a test done. But there are actual female clinics that will do pregnancy testing as well

  • Stacey
    Jun 30

    It does take a few weeks for tests to come up positive. The hormone needs to be high enough. If you were that nauseous from preg hormones I would think your tests should be positive. You could just have late period symptoms. When I was ttc my period skipped around a lot, between 30-45+ day cycles. Keep track of your cycles. Good luck.