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4 YO and Accidents

Looking for any tips, tricks or advice... my very potty trained 4 year old has been having quite a few accidents lately. He gets too excited or focused on things and either forgets, or outright refuses to acknowledge that he has to go and then by the time it’s dire, there’s no time and he doesn’t make it to the bathroom. We’ll pick up on his mannerisms and recognize that he has to go and try to get him to do so, but we’re met with resistance almost every time. I’m trying to figure out how we balance being sensitive to a still growing and learning child, with making sure that he understands that it’s his responsibility to tell us when he has to go with adequate time to actually get there. This is not a once or twice thing. This has been happening for about 3-4 weeks now maybe every other day. We talk to him about it, and he indicates that he understands, but the behavior doesn’t change. Anyone go through something similar?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 03

    Maybe try a potty watch. It will remind him so you don’t have to.

  • Jeremy
    Jan 03

    Im going through it with my four year old. He just recently starting wetting the bed at night too. He has been potty trained for about a year and has been doing great. This is a new thing and im hoping its just a phase

  • Kim
    Jan 06

    Oh man. We are here with my 3.5 year old. At home she’s doing better and will call “time out!!” So we stop playing so she doesn’t miss anything,but out or with other kids, she’s just taking it to the most extreme place she can get and is wettingherself o the way to the toilet Anyone have advice or willshe just eventually be embarrassed enough from Peeing in front of her friends that she will get (back)with the program.