Reply to Due date

I was late with my first also. I was scheduled to be induced two days before I would have been 42 weeks - and went into labor on my own the very morning of my induction! I was so excited to avoid being induced, but in the end I was in labor for 22 hours and never made it past 2cm. I had a plan to give birth naturally without any medication! But I ended up getting an epidural, pitocin, iv antibiotics, having to take shelter in the bathroom for an hour due to a tornado warning, and finally a c section 🤦🏼‍♀️. Try not to stress too much about what you want to happen. It’ll only make you feel that much more disappointed if things don’t go as planned. Once my baby was born I forgot all about it. And once I had the epidural, being induced didn’t matter. I didn’t feel a thing. Just got to sit around and watch tv.. I tried everything to get my baby to come out on time and he refused to ever come out lol sometimes you just need to let go and let it happen. Your baby will be in your arms soon enough.. one way or another. Good luck!