Reply to Family caregivers that want to continue caregiving but we don’t want it.

It’s never easy so I think your idea is as gentle as it can get. One of my daughters (she’s 2) school friends goes to school Monday-Thursday, then she and her older sister go to see a grandma together every Friday (so they go to the maternal grandmas house ~2 Friday’s a month and the paternal grandmas house the other Friday). This seems like a great setup to me. One day a week the girls get to spend all day w/ grandma and the parents don’t feel any pressure to have the grandparents around during family time. It’s all about what works for you and your family in the end. No matter what, your child will eventually be in school and will get no days with grandmas so however you decide to transition, all that’s truly important in the end is YOU have the balance YOU need to stay sane. Childcare should NOT stress you least, that’s my opinion!!