Reply to Babysitting

A few more tidbits from the babysitter's side: I was always interested in knowing about a family's relationships with previous sitters (Are they still on good terms with past sitters? Did any sitters resign for worrisome reasons?) The families I most enjoyed working for always let me know that I was welcome to anything in the pantry (I was always respectful, though, and ate very few snacks, if any.) They would also take an interest in things that I was doing outside of babysitting (asking me about school, etc.) I also appreciated when parents would send me pictures of the kids doing activities between scheduled babysitting (for example, one mom would send me pictures of her son at swim lessons so that I'd be able to talk to him about swimming the next time I babysat.) Really just forming quality relationships made me feel valued as a sitter and helped me create more authentic relationships with the kids.