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4.5 year old potty training regression

Basically what it says in the title! Anyone else go through this with a preschooler? He potty trained at 3 and it was rock solid. After starting school a year ago he started to have the occasional pee accident (often when distracted by play) but very recently it’s gotten worse and he’s had a couple poop accidents out of nowhere including one at school. He’s not sick as far as we can tell and he seems happy and healthy, just all of the sudden his potty skills are shaky! Anyone else go through this? What causes a regression and how should we deal with it? Pic for attention 🤗

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    Are his accidents mostly happening at school?? Could it be the teachers aren’t doing enough to remind the kids to use the BR?? My niece went through a regression around age 4 and it turned out that’s all it was...she would get so focused on whatever she was doing she Wouldn’t realize she had to go until it was too late.

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    Ps, he’s a cutie with lots of style!! Love the smirk!

  • Morgan
    Feb 08

    He is such a cutie

  • Beckiie
    Feb 09

    My nephew had the same issue every time he started school. They said it was cause by anxiety.