Reply to Stopping night feedings

Hello. I’m a first time mom. My baby started to breastfeed right away, but on the discharge day, practically hours prior discharge, noticed baby wasn’t eating as before. Asked for a lactation consultant since, I didn’t get any before. Was speed up for an emergency breast pump, and shown how to use a breast shield to help baby to latch on. Make sure you are using the right cup size on your breast pump, months after I realized was using the wrong size. Also you need to drink plenty of fluids and water is a must to keep yourself hydrated and keeping up with your supply. As well as eating between feedings. I come from hispanic culture, to help on milk supply we drink plenty of organic milled or blended corn drinks, Oatmeal blended or cooked with milk for a consistency of your helps as well. Is customary in our culture to drink hot chocolate from fresh made tablets, brought or sent from our country and not the ones you can find in the store. But I didn’t drinks chocolate from the fresh tablets either, due to all the grease you get once chocolate cools off, from the organic cocoa. I did get frustrated too when I thought my baby was not getting enough milk, but remember you need to be stress free in order to maintain a healthy breast feeding. Asking for help and, do what is necessary for the baby and you, as you are doing, is the best you can do. Don’t get discouraged. Keep trying what works for you. Best of all, enjoy these moments. Time flies and our little ones won’t be needing breast feeding or formula feeding anymore. One suggestion. I used a thermo with hot water, to help me warm the breastmilk faster for a couple of minutes, making sure that breastmilk won’t be too hot when feeding baby with the bottle. You will get practice on how long and how fast you can warm up the breast milk. My daughter wouldn’t take cold breast milk either, ☺️. You are not alone, and this will pass sooner than you think. Keep up the great job you are doing as a mom. Blessings.