Reply to Looking for a job while pregnant.

I would encourage you to not even think about it being different. I happened to switch jobs within my company (it was a very formal interview process) when I was pregnant, and it was the best decision I ever made. I didn’t happen to know when I interviewed, but being that you are early on, I would not approach your job search thinking about that, beyond knowing what you want from a future job. You don’t need to mention it and should be pretty easy to hide. Once you get the job offer, well at least I did, informed my future boss of this. This was a courtesy, and doesn’t have to be done. While I recommend seeking flexibility (I went back to full time after 12 weeks (part time from home at 10 weeks) but my full time was split into 4-10 hr days, 2 of which were from home (I had a 45 min commute each way). This was ideal but honestly what was more important to my decision to go back and actually enjoy being a working mom was having a new exciting and interesting job I was passionate about. So I encourage you in your search to seek the flexibility you think you need. But more impotently make sure it still something that you will look forward to doing. Good luck and congrats!