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4.5m refusing to eat from the bottle

I already tried dr. Brown’s and avent bottles and no luck. He eats from the bottle for a minute and then stops and gets fussy. What bottle should I try next?! Please help

  • Elle
    Jan 13

    Try a different flow. Next, try Comotomo bottles. Try warm, room temp, and slightly cold temps.

  • Amy
    Jan 13

    Mine refused bottles for the first 3 months too. She finally takes them - comotomo and Tommy tippee - with fast flow rates, and prefers cold or room temp.

  • Bailey
    Jan 14

    Maam were my daughter’s favorite. Plus WAY easier to clean than any other vented bottles -especially Dr. Browns.

  • Priscilla
    Jan 18

    This was my son when I had to go back to work around 3months (we now know we should’ve introduced the bottle way before). We tried so many different types of nipple/bottle brands. After 5 we found out he’s a fan of Advent the thinnest nipple swirly one. Not sure if there’s a target near you but the ones near me offer free goodie bags if you create a baby registry. Most of the nipples we tried all came from these goodie bags! No shame in my game! 😂