Reply to Best way to drop off at daycare

Either distract her with food or have a teacher occupy her while you leave but don’t sneak out. Just say I love you. I’ll see you later. Have a great day and hand her to her teacher and walk out. Ripping the band aid is harder on us but easier on them. Sticking around usually makes it worse for them. Teachers can usually have a smile back on their face within a min or two. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sending a picture to you when she’s ok or you could all to check in and make sure she’s better. I tell parents to peek through the crack of the door and see that they are ok. It’s amazing what that little click does. It’s usually all it takes for them to be ok. Most of the kids that have rough drop offs in my class are ok by the time their parents get to their cars at most. It’s really tough leaving them crying though I know from experience. But it will get better with time too! I promise!