Reply to 17 mo not sleeping through the night!

Our son did the same thing until about 19 months. Our quick fix was to heat up a bottle of milk and feed him and change his diaper. We did wait at least 5-10 min to let him cry it out first. We still have a bottle warmer next to our bed at night just in case with a small cooler with a bottle of milk so it’s easy to get ready. Eventually he just started sleeping thru the night. We’ve found that with sleeping they eventually just level out to sleeping thru the night. We could have probably done more aggressive sleep training but ultimately just decided to wait it out until he started to sleep thru the night on his own. Side note - occasionally we will instead just go in there and rub his back for less than a minute, then walk back out of his room, after which he typically will wail in protest for about 30sec then give up and go back to sleep. Hope that helps!