Reply to Amsterdam with a nearly 3 year old?

One thing I did when traveling with my husband and 2 kids for work (I was the one working and he was watching the kids) is we got him a babysitter to be with him and the kids 2 of the days. This was not a babysitter we knew in advance so we didn't feel comfortable leaving the babysitter alone with the kids, but it was great for him to have a "mother's" (father's) helper for 2 days when I was busy at my conference all day. Sometimes hotels are connected with babysitting agencies and are a good place to start. This could help by giving you a little break (even if you're with them, you can have someone else entertaining your daughter for some amount of time). That said, you know your limits and your kid the best of anyone. If you think this trip would be exhausting and not enjoyable, then don't feel bad about not going. It will only get easier to travel together as a family as she gets older and it's not even like this is a free flight which is one of the most expensive parts of international travel.