Reply to How to help autistic gender exploring tween?

My husbands best friends child is going through the exact same experience. Like eerily similar including the HF Aspergers diagnosis, except she was closer to 11 years old and was born female but wanted to go through reassignment therapy to transition to male. She went to her mom and told her quite passionately that she feels she’s supposed to be a male. Her parents were very open minded but started with therapy. They got the therapist recommendation from their pediatrician. Through he therapist, who they all met with individually and as a family, their daughter has concluded that her feelings were not concrete, but more to do with fear and expectations she had on herself about puberty and growing up. They all still go to therapy and she still prefers to keep her hair shorter and wear “boy clothes,” but at this point she’s telling her parents that she wants to remain a female but thinks she is a lesbian. I told you all of that only to share my secondhand experience. Overall, I think it’s wonderful that you’re listening to your child and referring to them with the pronouns they prefer. In the end, I think that at the age of 10, most children do not necessarily know what they want to be when they grow up (to be honest, I’m 43 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up). If I were in your situation, I’d start with therapy and encourage your child to wait and learn more about themselves. Good luck.