Reply to Advice on how to get my 18 mo toddler to stop biting/ hitting/ and scratching me

My son is a lot like your daughter. He started biting around 14 months. He only did it twice to a kid, but then he focused his biting, hitting, kicking on his parents. After he bit for the first time I started doing little 'time outs' where I would move him away from what we were doing and held him while repeating 'no bite'. This stopped him from biting other kids, but not us. He continued to bite us until he was 2.5. the thing is, he would also do it when he was over stimulated. He would have our full attention and would be laughing and running around then just chomp down on one of us. It was so frustrating! You just have to keep consistent about telling them it's wrong, and hope they grow out of it sooner rather than later. And it will feel like they aren't listening, but I watch him at daycare sometimes and I have seen him get hit or pushed down and he doesn't retaliate, he may tell at them but then he walks away, so I know he's getting the general idea behind being a descent human being 😂 You could also try walking away from her and just say mommy isn't going to give you attention when you hurt her. Some kids are just looking for attention whether it's positive or negative