Reply to Has anyone had postpartum knee pain?

Yes! Postpartum is so brutal on your body! I did a lot of damage to my knees and feet in the first months after having my son by not being careful about my posture and form throughout the day. Bouncing and carrying them around are very physical activities (especially while relaxin is still in your body), but I didn’t treat them as such. Be sure you’re wearing supportive shoes and watching your form when you are wearing or bouncing baby. Specifically for your knees, don’t let them go past your toes when you squat/bounce and keep your hips in a neutral position (this is particularly tricky when you’re babywearing - you feel like you have to counter balance the weight of the baby by tucking your hips under or sticking your bum out). For me, some inserts in my shoes helped a lot. Also don’t forget that your hips have changed position pretty significantly and that affects how the bones in your knee meet. Be gracious with your body and be sure to listen to it if it tells you to tweak your form or rest. I hope it gets better soon!