Reply to How did you plan for Baby #2?

This is going to sound terrible but I had no ides how I was going to manage a 2yr old and a new born when my daughter was born. Then I did because I ran out of planning time and she was born. I had no plan and still don't. I am much more dependant on baby wearing this time around. I also taught my son how to help me since he loves to help be involved. Ex. He can give her pacifier back in her mouth. If I tell him to check on her he comes back with asleep or awake and happy /sad / crying status. He brings me diapers and fetches fresh clothes. Little stuff makes him feel involved and loves the baby but can also get him out of the way if needed. I went back to being a SAHM for financial reasons and fomo of my kids lives. I have mom groups and zoo passes and aquarium passes. Making sure you have a way to interact with adults is critical. As is making sure you have some of your own time 100% kid free. For me the hard part of a new baby is readjusting to not sleeping at night when I can't just nap during the day because my toddler needs things too.