Reply to I love my children but hate my life

I bet giving the two year old more power will help. I know it seems horrible to let your child wear warm clothes in hot weather, but just throw shorts and a T-shirt in the diaper bag, and let her wear what she wants. My guess is her behavior stems from Feeling powerless so the more you can let her make the choices the better she’ll be. Ask yourself before setting a limit why you are doing it and what choices you can give her. Do you want to go to this park Or that park? Do you want leave in five minutes or two minutes? Do you want to eat the strawberries first or the cheese? Do you want climb in the car or do you want help? And if it isn’t worth the battle, don’t make it one. I’ve even said stuff like “you know, mommy wasn’t thinking and she set a limit that actually has flexibility in it. Can you ask me nicely to wear the green shirt today and then we can try this situation over again?”