Reply to How can I reassure my anxious child that she is safe?

I’m so sad this is the world we are raising our kids in! I think it’s most important to validate her feelings of fear around it. It is super scary as an adult (and even more so as a child I’m sure) to think about somebody coming into school (or any place really) and shooting people. I might avoid telling her things like you live in a safe neighborhood. I’m sure most of the people who sent their kids to the schools thought it was safe as well and if, God for bid something ever did happen she might lose trust in your reassuring words. I agree with the above posts of telling your daughter specific things you are doing to take action either politically or to try and keep her safer. My friend also said she has “ worry dolls” for her daughter (she said she bought them on Amazon). At night before her daughter goes to bed she tells the dolls thing she’s worried about and then her daughter is putting her worry on somebody else and not taking it on herself. Hope one of those suggestions is helpful!