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5 yo boy still waking up at night twice

Our only son wakes up every night at around 1-2am and again 5a. He wants to sleep with us and in our bed. I think he doesn’t understand yet that parents sleep together and kids by themselves. I always tell him when putting him to bed that mom and dad sleep in their bed. I reassure him that we’re there in our bed. Thank you for your suggestions.

  • Anne
    Feb 16

    Try a sticker chart! Every night he stays in bed until X o’clock (get him a toddler clock that lights up when it’s okay to get up) he gets a sticker and when the chart is done he gets a small toy or trip to the play place or something. This stuff works well at that age! We also had some luck with getting our 5yo some nightlights and a bedside reading lamp he can turn on because he’s scared of the dark. He still comes in our bed a few times per week but it’s a huge improvement from where we were.