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5 yo wants to learn Spanish

Hola! I have a whitey-white-creamy-pasty-alabaster-European California kid (5.5 years old) that badly wants to learn Spanish. Her dad’s family is from Argentina (so I guess she isn’t THAT white, but she definitely got more of my genes 😉) and the lot of them speak Spanish (some of them ONLY speak Spanish.) We also live in San Jose, Ca, and most of the time at playgrounds and such there are predominantly Spanish-speakers around us. She started school already and we chose NOT to do a Spanish immersion program for school based on the various school ratings and reviews in our area. So anyway: I want to know if anybody has any suggestions. This girl likes to learn things, but she has been trying to learn Spanish for over a year now asking constantly “how do you say _____ in Spanish?” “Can I write so-and-so’s birthday card in Spanish?” “Can you teach me how to ask XYZ in Spanish?” And at first I was doing pretty well with me recollections, but at this point her requests have surpassed my HS Spanish + mom memory. Heh. Where do we start? Is it best to have a real human teach her? Is there something like Babble or RosettaStone for kids? Should we just let her watch 6 hours of Dora The Explorer every day?😋 Any suggestions of anything people have tried with a kid this age would be greatly appreciated! Gracias amigos!

  • Aida
    Aug 21

    That’s awesome! My son goes to Spanish immersion preschool three times a week. There are lots of pasty kids in his class, and they speak better than he does!! 😊 We are trying to improve our use at home too, to help him get more fluent as Abuela only speaks Spanish and I get in trouble weekly that I should speak more Spanish to we’ve added flash cards to our bed time routine. Keeping it fun. Also we have put some of his shows in Spanish, like Thomas the train, etc. We’re just looking for different ways to incorporate into what he already does every day. Abuela has seen improvements so I’m not getting into as much trouble lately, ha!