Reply to Need help for 9mnth baby waking up in the night

I bottles fed so may not work as well. When i knew my little one didnt need milk (it hindered morning feed) i gave him water at night and he stopped waking for it apart from at growth spurts then when it hindered morning milk again i gave water. Maybe try a sippy of water, if its a habit it will take a few days atleast to break it. When i first did it my little one co slept he woke every 3/4hrs sucked a bit of water screamed for an hr then went back to sleep. I prepared myself for a rough night i comforted him but didnt give in. Does your daughter settle herself at naps and when she first goes to sleep at night? Maybe get a lovey or a small plush animal/bear. My little one sucks on the labels and cuddles up to his animals and falls asleep on his own. I also use a sound machine and let him fuss a little when needed but i never let him scream on his own, be there to comfort her but keep your boobs off limits if you really want to break the habit.