Reply to Lonely SAHM 😢

Been there. For a decade. Go do things that YOU and your kids love. Museum. Library. Pool. Park. Mall. Cafe. Whatever it is, you’ll find likeminded moms and their kids. I have learned to strike up conversations with strangers (not easy for me!) because I find we’re all looking for the same thing: community. Online community is a major step in the right direction. Good job! Talk to your provider. Lying in bed = depression. It is not normal. It can be treated like any other bodily ailment. I know bc I’ve battled it since puberty. Seek support/therapy: whether it’s meds (Prozac is my boyfriend) or a therapist or long phone calls with a bestie/sister/mother/mentor, you need to talk it out. Please take time to love your overworked mind and body: running or writing or reading or long baths or fancy takeout for one and funny or sexy tv (skip the gut wrenching dramas) after kids go to bed or date nights with yourself (lovehoney online catalog is my tinder). You need to be your first friend. It attracts others! 🤩