Reply to Mixed age preschool class choice: 2-3 or 3-4 year old class?

So my son was in the 2s last year. This year they decided to make it 2s and younger 3s so he stayed behind in the same class. They just gave us the chance to move him up to the older 3s and young 4s class. He’ll be one of the youngest but I think he should have been in that class all along. Some of the kids in his class are very babyish and he so much more verbal. I think you want them to be the oldest in K-12, but when it comes to preschool, they really benefit from being around older kids who are more verbal, more into playing together vs parallel play and who might be farther along on the potty train. We are moving him up. And I’m really sad about him missing his teachers, who are so wonderful, but it seems like the right move. I’d pick the older crowd if I were you.