Reply to Husband wants me to lose weight

I’ve thought about this for a while cuz you are not wrong in thinking that your husband should love the inner you and not focus on the outside. Especially, since weight gain happens with babies and I’m guessing your husband can use some gym himself. Maybe to approach this, you can make a list of things that would help you get to the gym more often. Make a list of things around the house he can do that would give you the time you need or you can also workout at home while he does house work and look after the kids. Put the ball in his corner to get you the time you need to workout. And, you wouldn’t be doing this for him but yourself as working out will make you feel great( always makes me feel good to burn sweat) also list the bad eating habits he’s bringing into the house. Don’t feel bad about yourself especially since the body gave you two kids and in reality it’s hard to find time for yourself if the spouse isn’t pulling their weight. Remember this is about you and for you and not him.