Reply to Starting finger foods

I really followed the book “French kids eat Everything” when I started really weaning my son into more solids and less purées. He’s almost 1, and eats things like broccoli, fish, beets, zucchini, olives (sliced), pickles, hamburger, chicken, noodles, lemons (seriously loves them), clams, shrimps, bacon, pickled artichokes, and the usual things kids love too. But set the rule, as you start educating your child on foods, that they eat what you eat- even at 8 months old, and you are her education for food. If you eat it- and show an interest in it, or your partner shows an interest in the food, she’s going to eat it without thinking about it being “icky”. They start this concept at a super super young age, so also, make sure as you start the adventure of new foods that it’s not a toy, it’s to be enjoyed and a pleasurable experience, when she’s done, she’s done, and if she doesn’t like it today doesn’t mean she has too- but she at least needs to try a bite!!