Reply to Transitioning

@imdakine1 - the doctor didn’t suggest a feeding tube because he started to gain weight despite not getting taller. He was in the 98 percentile for weight and height and then that started to plunge. I think because he was so big to start it took a little too long for our doctor to become concerned until she saw he had not grown at all height wise. The smoothies helped us with weight since he too is a picky eater, but our next step is an endocrinologist once he turns two in a few weeks. I guess they won’t do a lot of tests and treatments before then. The doctor is most concerned about a possible lack of growth hormone. My husband and I really noticed a change in his size and digestion when he started eating more solid (non purée) foods, so at our next appointment I’m determined to push for a pediatric GI referral. I just know in my gut that this extreme constipation is related. In my opinion doctors often want to treat symptoms but stop short of finding the root cause. You spend the most time with your daughter and you know more than anyone if she isn’t getting what she needs. Sounds like the GI helped her though, so that’s encouraging. It’s so tough when they won’t eat. It sounds like you’re doing everything you can for her though. Hang in there, she’ll get what she needs with you looking out for her! Side note- I also feed my son kodiak cakes protein waffles for breakfast (target, Kroger or sams club has them). He loves them and they have 6g of protein per waffle. He also won’t eat meat 🤦‍♀️