Reply to Tips on weaning at night and sleeping through the night please.

I also nurse my 2 year old. We were in the same boat. I told my son when they sun is down no milky and when the sun comes up then he can have it. When he woke up the first night I'd just say "sun down" and give him his water cup. It actually worked with no crying just a little fuss. He sleeps through the night and nurses for naps. That's my next challenge. We didn't want to do CIO and this worked for us because he is old enough to understand. Also a great night light that projects on the ceiling has been a life saver whether hes in his own room or yours (that way when he wakes up he still feels safe-hes been using you for that comfort so it's nice to have somewhat of a replacement). It sounds silly and simple but it really worked for us.