Reply to Teacher cutting 3 year old hair!!!

I talked with the school today, very calm just wanting facts not there to point fingers. Just to make sure it hopefully won’t happen again. Meeting was extremely short principal basically said the teacher who didn’t show up to the meeting was shocked when she found out, and that it no way at all happened inside there school. She is in the preschool to receive speech so is not able to communicate enough to tell us. Which the principal brought up that if she could speak better we could just ask her to tell us. Well no flip!! He also said perhaps on the 1 minute ride home she pulled her hair out or there was scissors in the car. Who keeps scissors in there car and in the back seat with grabby hands!!! So yep nothing was resolved at all I guess it just mysteriously happened. Upsetting that she is in their care and they can’t even just say hey we’ll try to make sure this is prevented in the future. I’m not one to waste my time going up to the school for meetings I have a lot better things to do with my time.