Reply to FTM seeking daycare with a couple of concerns

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! Yes, we are only doing milk in the mornings and at night only (we’re a huge fan of milk in our house, both his father and me grew up loving it).He drinks lightly flavored water that I drink throughout the day. He also enjoys smoothies (something that I enable because I enjoy them as well) so I understand where I went wrong lol. I only allow smoothies if he didn’t eat “enough” of the nutritious options I’ve offered at a meal. First time momma here and I obviously missed the mark on this one. He was iron deficient for awhile so I started out with a paranoia of trying to insert nutrition anywhere and everywhere I couldn through the bottle. As a solution based person, I’ll certainly discuss this with the early learning centers we visit. I’ll cut out the smoothies so he adjusts to getting what he needs through solid foods. and focus on the cup more throughout the day, especially at mealtime. You’re all so right!! Excited to see how he responds! 👏💓